Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can help your employees maintain good oral health, which is important for their overall health. According to MetLife, 72% of employees consider dental insurance as a must-have benefit so offering dental coverage can help you attract and retain top talent.

The great thing about dental insurance is that it can help cover the costs for preventive care, like cleanings and checkups, and help lower the cost of more expensive procedures like crowns and bridges. 

As you know, ensuring your employees have access to health care benefits is essential for the success of any small business. Offering dental insurance as part of an employer-sponsored health plan can help reduce costs and improve overall employee morale, leading to healthier staff and a more productive workplace. 

Here we’ll discuss the importance of providing dental plans for your employees and how it can benefit both you and them.

Dental Insurance Can Attract & Retain Top Talent 

While dental isn’t a required benefit by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), seven out of ten employees expect this as a part of their employers’ benefits package

According to MetLife’s Employee Benefit Trends Report, 72% of employees consider dental insurance as a must-have benefit. In fact, it ranks as the third most desired perk after group health insurance and retirement savings options like 401(k).

Dental Plans Are Affordable 

The exact cost of dental insurance for small businesses is determined by the carrier chosen and the plan’s level of coverage, but it typically doesn’t exceed $15/month for employers. With coverage this affordable, it’s a no brainer to add-on!

Dental Insurance Improves Employee Health

Regular dental care isn’t just important for oral hygiene – it’s an investment that can help keep your employees healthier in the long run. 

According to The Mayo Clinic, poor oral health can be linked to more serious diseases and conditions including:

  • Diabetes

People with diabetes are more prone to developing gum disease due to their weakened resistance. This can result in increased severity of this condition, and caution should be taken for those living with the illness.

  • Heart disease

Evidence is mounting that a direct connection exists between the oral health of an individual and your cardiovascular wellness. 

  • Pneumonia

Certain bacteria from the mouth can travel to the lungs, potentially leading to severe conditions like pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. 

  • Pregnancy and birth complications

Healthcare professionals have revealed an alarming connection between periodontitis, a gum infection, and two of the most serious issues in childbirth: premature birth and low birth weight. 

Regular dental care isn’t just important for oral hygiene – it’s an investment that can help keep your employees healthier in the long run. 

Dental Insurance Increases Employee productivity

Healthy employees are not only vital for ensuring productivity, but also a major factor shaping the success of any business. Offering your staff comprehensive dental insurance is just as important to overall workplace health and well-being; helping workers stay focused on their job despite potential aches, pains or stress from personal and family issues. 

The CDC reports that such problems cost U.S employers an average of $1,685 per employee each year in lost production – so investing in good oral healthcare can have real financial benefits too!

What Types of Dental Plans Are Available To Employers?

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

With a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), you and your employees can access quality services within the network. There are co-payments for certain procedures as well as potential deductible obligations.

Dental health maintenance organizations (DHMO)

DHMO plans have a fixed monthly cost – even if the plan isn’t used every month. An array of annual treatments are covered under these monthly fees, while others may require extra payments or may not be included.

Discount or savings plans

Business owners and employees pay a monthly premium plan to receive discounts on dental services – in network or out. 

You Can Outsource Benefits to a PEO

Outsourcing your benefits, such as dental insurance, to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can offer significant advantages for small businesses. Statistics from the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) show that those who use PEOs tend to experience accelerated growth and reduced turnover rates. 

Additionally, hiring a PEO provides access to employee benefits packages which include dental plans—all without having to take on additional paperwork or worry about complex negotiations! By outsourcing these essentials with ‎a trusted expert partner like a PEO, companies are able to free up resources and time. 


It’s easy to see why dental insurance is an important benefit for employers to offer. From helping employees with the costs of preventive care and larger procedures, to expecting its inclusion in the benefits package, employers can see the need for this coverage. Not only does this benefit add value to an employee’s overall health, but it also enhances job satisfaction which goes a long way. 

With coverage being so affordable, there’s no reason not to offer it as part of your employee benefits package. If you’re looking for quality and competitively priced dental packages for small businesses, look no further. Call (877) 658-2374 or enter your zip code in the bar above to get started on making sure your employees have a comprehensive and affordable dental plan that meets their needs. Investing in an employee’s oral health today will pay off in more ways than one!

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