How Entrepreneurs Can Prioritize Self-Care

How Entrepreneurs Can Prioritize Self-Care text overlaying image of a woman relaxing on a couchBeing an entrepreneur can have many perks, but it also comes with a variety of downfalls. Long hours, numerous commitments, and high stress levels are all associated with running a business. It’s extremely important for business owners to be highly dedicated.  With that said, the necessary responsibilities to reach your goals can be detrimental to both your mental and physical well-being. A common thought for many individuals in high-up positions is to view self-care as a luxury. In reality, it is a necessity. 


While it can be difficult to stop and smell the roses, there are techniques to help aid your health. This includes routines that involve physical fitness, good eating habits, stress management and much more. When there’s a lot on your plate it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide that if followed, can benefit you in many ways. 

What Self-Care Can Do for You

When heading a company, the overall success of the business and employee satisfaction all depends on you. This can be very strenuous. If you can address the stressors in your life and value your well-being, you can reap many benefits.


  • Enhanced Productivity: When you take the time for self-care, you will feel better while on the job and while at home. In turn you will likely notice a boost in productivity, focus and efficiency. This will make you a better leader and can enable you to tackle more tasks in a given day. 
  • Improved Physical Health: Taking self-care seriously can help to better your physical health. When you are in better shape you feel more energized. You’ll also be less likely to experience health related issues.  In turn you won’t miss as many days or feel groggy on the job. 
  • Better Decision Making: Focusing on your mental health allows you to have a clearer mind which is important when there is a lot at stake. People who prioritize their mental health will  make better decisions.  Additionally, when problems do arise you’ll be able to deal with them more easily.
  • More Equal Work-Life Balance: In general, taking care of yourself enables you to have a more equal work-life balance. People who are workaholics tend to have higher stress levels, which can bleed over into their home lives. By keeping up with your mental and physical health, you’ll be able to find the perfect balance. On top of that, your family and co-workers will be able to enjoy your presence. 

Tips for Your Mental Health and Stress

Meditation and Mindfulness

In past decades many eastern practices have become popular in the United States. Probably the most popular self-care practices are that we’ve taken are mindfulness and meditation. Integrating mindfulness techniques and meditative practices into your daily routine can be a powerful tool. Both of them help to alleviate stress, and improve focus and self-awareness. These techniques are most effective when you are able to be consistent and practice them on a daily basis. While meditation may seem intimidating at first, you can start out slowly with two 15 minute sessions twice a day. Once you feel comfortable, you can start to increase the meditation time. With today’s technology, there are also a number of mindfulness apps and videos that can help you on your journey. 

Seek Professional Guidance

Seeking mental health support from a professional is a great way to have an outlet. Professional counselors are also able to provide you with unbiased advice. Seeking therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, many high level professionals and celebrities have talked in public settings about the success that therapy has brought them. If you are uncomfortable with having an individual therapist, there are plenty of other options available such as group counseling.

Have Boundaries and Take Regular Breaks

When the success or downfall of a business rests on your shoulders, it can be easy to become engulfed in your work, and ignore the other important aspects of your life. One way to avoid this problem is by setting clear boundaries for your work hours. While unexpected responsibilities can pop up, having a set number of hours to work and sticking to it, ensures that you don’t overwork yourself. Believe me when I say your loved ones, family and friends will likely be on board too! This practice also helps make sure that you are properly rested and have sufficient time to relax. 


On a similar note, while on the job you shouldn’t feel the need to be constantly tackling tasks every minute of the day. Instead, delegate regular breaks throughout your schedule. While at first, breaks may feel unproductive, in reality they will actually boost your productivity, since your stress levels will be reduced and you will be recharged. 

Outsource Tasks

While you may feel inclined to be in charge of all office activities and tasks, you must remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. What is your team for if you’re not willing to let them give you a helping hand? With that said, a good practice that helps to relieve stress is to delegate certain tasks to capable team members. By effectively reducing your workload, you will have more time to focus on more important tasks that require your personal attention, and will feel less overwhelmed. 

Proper Scheduling and Time Management

If you feel flustered with a million different things to take care of, another technique that helps is setting up a schedule. Even the most productive people find the need to use time management tactics in order to give their day some structure. Plus, after you complete one task, you can check it off and move on to the next, which will give you a sense of accomplishment. Some examples include using time blocks, or the Eisenhower Matrix, which helps you to tackle activities according to their importance and urgency. 

Organize Your Workspace 

Another self-care practice that is easy to do involves organizing your work space and materials. If you aren’t used to having an organized office or computer, this task may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you start the decluttering process, you’ll be sure to feel some stress wither away. Some common organization tactics include using labels, throwing out or deleting paperwork and files that aren’t needed anymore, and creating a system so that every type of material has its own designated home. 

Tips for Your Physical Fitness

Maintain a Balanced Diet and Hydrate 

Being physically isn’t only about exercising, it also includes having a healthy and balanced diet. Doing so will help your energy levels, and mental focus. While there will always be a number of trendy diets focusing on cutting out carbs and counting calories, what’s most important is that you eat a variety of healthy foods including lean meats (or other foods with high protein contents), fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Additionally, if you can, try to avoid foods or drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine. While they may be delicious at the time, they will often cause crashes later in the day. Instead of sugary or caffeinated beverages, whenever possible drink water. 

Exercise Regularly

Maintaining your physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of both mental and physical health. Two keys to be successful in this area are being consistent (make a schedule if needed), and finding an activity that you enjoy. Whether it’s weight lifting, running, team sports, yoga or anything else, an exercise routine will keep you in shape and help boost your mood. 

Prioritize Adequate Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest can not be overlooked, especially if you have a high-pressure job or busy schedule. Ideally, you should aim for somewhere between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is not only a way to decompress, but it also allows your body and mind to recover from the hard work you put in that day. People who report getting sufficient sleep are more focused and sharp during the daytime. This is important when running a business as it will encourage you to make sound decisions. 

Final Thought

While being a business owner can be very challenging it can also be extremely rewarding. Unfortunately when you are constantly bogged down, and don’t prioritize your mental and physical health, it’s hard to appreciate the little things life has to offer. Especially for individuals who work in a fast-paced environment, focusing on self-care is a necessity. It’s important to remember that your mental and physical wellbeing coexist with one another. That means that when one is left unattended, it is very difficult to sufficiently take care of the other.

By paying attention to your body, mind and the daily stressors that you face, you will be able to thrive as an entrepreneur and as a human being. Keep in mind that self-care is an investment, and if you’ve neglected it for a long time, changing your habits may not be easy at first. However, by sticking to the suggestions that we’ve laid out, you will feel better and the people around you will notice too!


While we can’t underestimate the importance of taking care of yourself, as a business owner you also have the responsibility of making sure that the workforce is cared for too. One of the best ways to do this is by offering them a comprehensive group health insurance plan. Here at GHQ we have certified insurance experts who are available around the clock to help you in this endeavor. The quoting process is free, quick and easy, helping you to view the top rated health plans in your area. So what are you waiting for? Fill out a form or give us a call at 888-571-0291 to get started today.

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